Roof Coating

Experienced Flat Roof Specialist

Storm pro roof coatings specialize in flat roof coatings and are certified applicators offering the best coats available.

Our mission at storm pro…

…is to give personal care and attention to detail according to every customer’s situation and needs.


Proper prep work such as scupper repair, low area buildings, membrane, etc. are vital before applying a roof coating.


Custom roof coatings can be tinted any color according to your situation. Coating your flat roof with a high quality elastomeric will help extend the life span of your roof, prevent costly repairs, and help you save money on utilities.

Our elastomeric roof products

We use the highest-performing, commercial-quality coatings to repair and seal existing roofs, helping to protect against leaks ponding water and the damaging effects of our severe climate. Our highly reflective elastomeric roof coatings will help keep your home and business cooler while saving you money on your utility bills. We are certified applicators, and some of our products include Caico, Sta-Kool siliconized, APOC, Tucson Rubberized, Dunn Edwards.

Why re-coat your roof?


A roof that is coated with an elastomeric helps protect it from ultraviolet sun rays, seals out moisture, and extends the life of your roof. It’s essential to re-coat your roof approximately every 5 years as the coating wears thin.

Our Tucson Roof Coating services include power washing and cleaning every roof.


  • Build up low pooling areas
  • Applying membrane to cracks to prevent reopening
  • Sealing around pipes, vents, and skylights
  • Parapet wall cracks repairs

Benefits of re-coating your roof


  • Roof coating helps insulate and reduces the temperature
  • Roof coating reduces maintenance cost
  • Roof coating solves corrosion and leaking problems
  • Extends the life of your roof
Ask about our 100% Silicone limited lifetime coating

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